Date: 2016
Project Title:Me vs We
Client: CrowdPowers Pte Ltd
Location: Singapore

Graphic Designer


Developed graphics for an article, which will be part of a book project launch. They will also be used for awareness generation on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

The produced results are

  • Graphic for article

B2B vs BFF, Google Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (2012)

Date: 2012
Short Title: B2B vs BFF
Client: Google Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Location: Singapore

Character Designer, Storyboard Artist & Animator


Conceptualised and participated in all the phases of the creation of B2B vs BFF. Again, from project inception to final product.Conceptualised, illustrated and animated a 2D film for Google’s internal meeting based on their marketing director’s brief.

The produced results are

  • Character Design
  • Storyboard
  • Animating the whole provided story

Being in charge of the production, I am also responsible for ensuring

  • Completion of contracts within given timeline
  • Creation of pre-production, production and post-production materials

An Instrument for Eddie, Karen Lee (2011)

Date: 2011
Title: An Instrument for Eddie
Client: Karen Lee
Location: Singapore



Responsible and manage for conceptualizing and illustrating the whole content of the children’s book titled An Instrument for Eddie. It published in 2012.

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In the very special children’s book, An Instrument for Eddie, Eddie is an unusual elephant who loves to perform. He dreams of music, and his fondest wish is to play a musical instrument. Eddie tries to learn how to play several different instruments, but is unsuccessful.

Eddie is also a resourceful elephant and he never gives up. Through his determination, he finally discovers an instrument that is just right for him!

This extraordinary book was inspired by a true story about a little boy with a hearing impairment, who was also determined to play a musical instrument. Just like Eddie, this little boy didn’t give up. Because of his determination and passion for music, the little boy is also able to play an instrument just like other children.

March, Waltz, Lullaby, Snow Moon Flower

Date: 07 Oct 2009 – 28 Apr 2010
Title: March, Waltz, Lullaby, Snow Moon Flower
Client: Shirley Lim
Location: Singapore

Character Designer, Storyboard Artist & Animator


Responsible and manage for conceptualizing and animating on the idea that is based of a Pianist, Shirley Lim, who wants it to coordinate according to the music she plays. She would like to have it for her Lasalle graduation. The animations are, “Snow Moon Flower”, “Lullaby”, “Waltz”, and “March”.